Pulse Zen Crypto Asset

Socially Engineered.

Web 3.0 Token PZEN

Warning! This is Not An Investment. Tokens can and may go up and down by 98%

Unique Tokenomics

PIF function distributes wealth automatically

Pay it forward tokenomics redistributes 2% of every transaction evenly to all token holders, proportionally to their Percentage holdings.

Now On Pulse chain

Pulse Zen launched on ethereum, but is also available on the faster cheaper Pulsechain Network.

Socially engineered

It's unique 2% transactional PIF (Pay It Forward) method ensures equitable distribution of wealth. Burn function ,anti-whale function and charity wallet distribution. Make this the most exciting DEFI opportunity this year

Buy On Uniswap

The world's biggest most secure trading platform.

Buy on Pulse chain

Pulse Zen is available on the Pulse chain Network. Via https://app.pulsex.com

how it works

The Social Crypto Asset

You can buy and sell on Uniswap. Every transaction generates a 2% PIF deduction which is then evenly distributed to all token holders.

But there is much more with a Burn and inbuilt charity distribution as well.

Be One Of The Founders Today

How  to buy Pulse Zen

Connect your Metamask to Pulsechain or Uniswap. Always use a Trezor Or ledger.


Set Slippage to 3% via cog icon on uniswap.

Or use Pulse chain instead.

Step 1 Install Metamask
Always check the link to install via firefox or chrome. Ensure you use Ledger or Trezor.
Step 2: Add Pulse Zen To Metamask
You will want to ensure Pulse Zen shows up in your wallet first. So click here to install to metamask
Step3: Fund wallet with Eth or PLS and USDC
Eth or Pls is used to pay for transactions, USDC or PLS is used to buy Pulse Zen. Use coinbase or binance or transak or even use buy function in Metamask.
Step: 4 Connect to Uniswap or Pulsex
Visit the uniswap or Pulsex app in your browser.Click connect wallet. Then select USDC and you have to import Pulse Zen token contract address is 0x5a24D7129B6f3FcAd2220296df28911880AD22B0
Step 5: Now Buy Pulse Zen
Remember every transaction creates an 2% PIF pool. So if you buy 100 Tokens you receive approx 97 with deductions. Then just HODL and watch your personal vault grow.

Social Crypto Asset

The highest appreciating asset class is cryptocurrency

Those that get in at the beginning profit the most.
“Elon Musk”

Still have questions?

Here are the most common.

Not really it’s a social experiment built on a decentralized network.

You should always consider cryptocurrency assets are volatile by nature.
They could always go to zero.

Again this is not an investment.Never use money you cannot afford to lose.

You must have no expectation of profit from the work of others.

There is no common enterprise, there shall be no expectation of efforts of a promoter or third party.
Users generate their own keys, no one else has keys to give them.


The Howey test
Wherever possible you agree there is no investment of money. Wherever possible you agree there is no common enterprise.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. Nearly every crypto currency drops 85% to 95% at some point. Some get back up and make new all time highs.

Designed for Pulsechain via the Pulsex app.


You are right to be skeptical, Do your own research all Tokens contain risk.

The smart contract code is hardwired and immutable , meaning every buy and sell transaction generates 2% to the pool.

This is automatically delegated to all token holders evenly.

There is no human in charge, that is the beauty of code in Decentralized finance. No middlemen just you interacting with pure maths.


Want to join the Pulse Zen opportunity now?

Follow the steps above and click start now

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This Token may not be legal in your country it is up to you to know your countries updated rules.

For example not to be used in the USA